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We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and demonstrate Tri Star Freight System's level of quality service. Contact the office nearest you for rates or questions.

Corporate Headquarters
Houston, TX

5407 Mesa Drive
Houston, TX 77028
P: 713-631-1095
F: 713-631-1099

Kathleen Nance

Laura Garrison
Corporate Treasurer

Kevin Garrison
Senior Executive VP/Intermodal Manager

Bill Roehr
Executive VP/Operations

Sheila Davis
Sales Manager

Don Norman
Sales Executive - East Coast

Baltimore, MD 
1301 Edison Highway
Baltimore, MD 21213
P: 410-354-2670
F: 410-354-2714

Jim Price

Savannah, GA 
2215 Dean Forest Rd.
Garden City, GA 31408
P: 912-966-0800
F: 912-966-1766

Jeff Schoch


Charleston, SC 
1023 Legrand Blvd.
Charleston, SC 29492
P: 843-216-1446
F: 843-216-1530

Paul McKinney


Jacksonville, FL 
8600-1 Jesse B Smith Court
Jacksonville, FL 32219
P: 904-693-1577
F: 904-693-0425

Keith Garrison
Senior Executive VP of East Coast Operations/Manager


Dallas, TX
438 W. Langdon Rd.
Hutchins, TX 75141
P: 972-225-1534
F: 972-225-1782

Marti Estes


El Paso, TX
5471 O’Leary St.
El Paso, TX 79938
P: 915-921-5099
F: 915-921-5285

Rose Werder